Still Here...

Wanted to let the world know I am still here, alive and kicking.

Hope all is well with the friends I haven't lost over the years. I was a bit busy taking care of my late Fiance who passed last May 31st. Took time to heal from my loss and I am looking forward to renewing old friendships as well as making new ones.

I hope I still have a few folks out there that would like to renew and get to know the new and improved version of me.

I hope to hear back from any of you.


I'm where I wanna be for now

This Is me at my heaviest back like to 2001 325 LBS

This is me now 155 LBS

I want to maintain this weight for a year then I want to lose a bit more and get down to 125. The Dr's tell me that is my IBM. I went from a size 20 which was tight on me this winter to a size 10 pant in women;s and a size 32/30 in men's jeans. In my shirt I was wearing 1x this past winter, now I am in a medium. Well it really all depends on the brand of clothing I am finding out. I can wear anything from a small to a large.

I do have cloths that are way to big for me and I will never wear or fit in them again.

if anyone is interested getting rid of it all. let me know.
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I did it!!!

I now weigh 182 lbs!!! I never in a million years ever thought i would get under 200 lbs.

My goaf is to get to 170 by end of fall, but my true goal is to get to 150.

Can you believe I use to weigh 325?! I have lost 143 lbs!!! Unbelievable.

182 lbs

This was taken around Easter time.
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